There have been five wells tested that have been shown to be bacteriologically unsafe.  All tests were done by certified labs.   It is the wish of these people that this statement be released to the news media in an effort to inform others of the possibility that their wells may not be safe for drinking.  Here is a list of vendors to use.

In the interest of public health and safety, we the following residents of Randolph County, Indiana want to encourage all people on private wells to have their wells tested.  Several people within the past month have found their wells "bacteriologically unsafe" for drinking and personal use.

Duane & Stephanie Pflasterer
Debbie and Ray Todd
Gene Estes
Marna Crist

If you have any questions or if you find your well is bacteriologically contaminated you can call Stephanie Pflasterer at 765-584-8998, or Barbara Sha Cox at 765-962-2184, or e-mail
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