Legislation Alerts

Legislative Alert - February 21, 2021

This is the week when all bills that have passed one Chamber will go to the other Chamber next week.  There are concerns on a couple of bills and I hope you can make phone calls to your Legislators.   Senate 800-382-9467  House R 800-382-9841 House D 800-382-9841  Please make your calls early in the day as these bills will be on third reading and vote.
House Bill 1190  This bill is on the overweight trucks.  It will be on Third Reading Monday.  As I mentioned in several of my emails, I have concerns regarding safety and bridge and road damage.  I do not think this is in the interest of the citizens of Indiana.
House Bill 1337 This bill will also be on Third Reading.  Please read bill carefully and make your call.  I do have concerns with this bill.
House Bill 1381  This bill has passed the House. Sponsors for Senate are Senator Messer S 48 and Senator Koch S 44.  I am very concerned about this bill.  Anytime local control is involved it is concerning.  Our newspaper had an article on this bill today and our county government is very concerned regarding the bill. Please read carefully and make your voices heard. We need to keep local control over counties on all planning.  
Senate Bill 389  As I noted this bill has passed the Senate and the Sponsors for the House are Rep Gutwein R 16 Rep Lehman R 79 and Rep Thompson R 28  The State Wetlands are very important.  Please use the attachment I sent last week as you see fit that shows other state laws. This bill will be heard in House after this week.
Senate Bill 271 This bill has passed the Senate and Sponsor is Rep Gutwein R 16  I still have some concerns on this bill.

Legislative Update - February 14, 2021

Senate 800-382-9467  House R 800-382-9841 House D  800-382-9842   Email S#@iga.in.gov  R#@in.gov 
Deadlines: Last third reading in House is Feb 22  Last third reading in Senate Feb 23.  Then all bills that have passed in the one Chamber will with sponsors switch to the other Chamber.
Senate Bill 389
http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills//senate/389   As you know this bill has passed the Senate and Sponsors for the House are Rep Lehman H 79, Rep Gutwein H 16 and Rep Thompson H 28.    I would suggest you email these Legislators and please feel free to use the information in the attachment as you see fit. Please send  remembering the dates listed above. 
House Bill 1190
House Bill 1190 Will be heard Feb 16th @ 8:30 am.  This is the bill on allowing overweight trucks on the Roads.  Rep Pressel is Chr. of Committee. If you have concerns with this bill, please email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    As I have mentioned in the last emails, I do have concerns with this bill.  Also, you can listen to the Committee if you have time.
Good news as of this update, the bills and resolution listed below are not scheduled for Committee Hearings

Legislative Update - Week of January 31, 2021

Senate Bill 389 http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/389  Repeals the state regulated wetlands law. I can not figure out why this bill is so important that 17 Senators have authored or co authored this bill!!!!  Wetlands are a vital part of nature to help fight pollution.  We have lost so many of our wetlands that I would think it would be important to protect the wetlands.  One only has to look at the 303 d list of impaired waters in the state to see we have problems now.  Who will benefit from this repeal???  The bill will be up for 3rd reading and vote on Monday.  Please contact your Senator and express your thoughts.
Senate # 800-382-9467  Email S#@iga.in.gov  
Senate Bill 271  http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/271  This bill is scheduled for Hearing Feb 1 @ 11 am in the Senate Environmental Committee.  I have concerns regarding the change in the impaired waters.  List would not be posted in Indiana Register only on IDEM website and the public comment period is now at least 90 days and the comment period would be reduced to at least 45 days.  If you have concerns regarding this bill, please send your thoughts.  Sen Messmer S 48  Sen Niemeyer S 6 Sen Baldwin S 20
Sen Buck S 21 Sen Garten S 45  Sen Gaskill S 26  Sen Sandlin S 36 Sen Zay S 17   Sen Yoder S 40 Sen Niezgodski S 10 and Sen Tallian S 4
Senate Bill 29 has not been scheduled for a Hearing in Senate Ag Committee. Please encourage Senator Leising S 42 to hear this bill.
Senate Joint Resolution 14 http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/resolutions/senate/joint/14  Senator Messmer and Senator Tomes have been added as Authors.  If you have not contacted Senator Bray and requested that he NOT hear this resolution, please do so.  Senator Bray This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   
Senate Bill 411 http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/411 and House Bill 1380 http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/house/1380  have not been scheduled for a Hearing.  Please watch the website as they could be added later this week.  We certainly do not need these bills.
I am not listing the other bills I sent last week as none were scheduled for Hearing as of today. I do want to mention another bill that was brought to my attention this week.  The bill will be heard on Monday, Feb 1st @8:30 am. Roads and Transportation Committee Rep Pressel Chr of Committee  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/house/1190  When I read this bill, even with very limited knowledge on the subject, I had questions and concerns.   My first concern is this safe? Are there any studies that show if allowing overweight trucks have caused more accidents.  Second, who will pay  if these trucks do damage the roads?   Third, I had read where approx 60 % of the bridges in Indiana are in fair to poor condition.  As a taxpayer, I have concerns that we the taxpayer will see an increase in taxes to keep bridges at least where they are now.  This appears to be a bill that should concern every driver and taxpayer.

Legislative News - February 7, 2021

Legislative News  Contact Information  Senate 800-382-9467 House R 800-382-9841   House D 800-382-9842   Email to Senators  S#@iga.in.gov    House R#@in.gov         Please note the next two weeks will be very busy as the last day for 3rd reading of House Bills will be Feb 22nd and last day for 3rd reading of Senate Bills will be Feb 23rd.    I encourage everyone to check the website daily for changes and Hearings.  http://iga.in.gov   This is a very important 2 week period and we need to be alert to any changes.
House Bill 1190 that I had concerns will be in Committee for amend and vote on Monday, Feb 8th @ 8:30 am. I do not know what the amendment is so I can only say it is very important that we watch carefully and send emails to those on the committee. I am going to watch the meeting online and I encourage those that have interest in the bill to watch also.  As I stated last week, I am concerned that allowing overweight trucks on our roads may damage, bridges, roads, and I also am concerned that there might be safety issues. I hope the amendment will address my concerns.
Senate Bill 389 did pass in the Senate and does have House Sponsors-after Feb 23rd and the switch of bills we will need to be very alert and be active in stopping the bill.  I made a call to a Senator and Legislative Assistant and found that they certainly need an education on who even regulates wetlands.  By next weekend I will have research on other states that I will share with you.  My intern is working on the research this week.  For now, I am including the link from IDEM for your review-it seems some people think this is all from DNR.  Stay tuned as I should have a good fact sheet for you next week.  https://www.in.gov/idem/wetlands/2359.htm 
Senate Bill 271 will be on Second Reading on Monday.  http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/271   This bill will reduce the public comment period of impaired waterways from 90 to 45 days and notice will only appear on IDEM website. Also, as I mentioned last week, I think IDEM should do some review of pollution devices  to protect both industry and citizens.  I understand they are not in the business of tax exemptions but I certainly hope there are those employees of IDEM that are qualified to do a quick review.  I am sure if there are bad actors trying to sell pollution devices and they know there will be review, they might not try in Indiana.
As of now, Senate Bill 411, House Bill 1380, and Joint Resolution 14 have not been scheduled for a Hearing.  This is very good news.
However, we must watch very closely between now and Feb 23rd.  

Legislative Update - January 23, 2021

Please contact the Senators and Reps listed in the information.  We need to make our voices heard so that the Legislators are aware that citizens are involved in the legislative process. I encourage everyone to keep checking the website http://iga.in.gov as meetings may be added during the week.
First concerning bill is to be heard Monday, Jan 25th in the Senate Environmental Committee You can go to the website and listen to the meeting.  Even though we can not be at State House it is important to stay involved.
http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/389  Please read bill carefully. Wetlands are of great importance and to repel this law could have serious effects on the already polluted waters of the state.  When clean up is required, your tax dollars will be the dollars that will need to be used. 
Members of Senate Environmental Committee    Senator Messmer S 48 Chr. Senator Niemeyer S 6  Senator Baldwin S 20 Senator Buck S 21 Senator Garten S 45 Senator Gaskill S 26 Senator Sandlin S 36 Senator Zay S 17  Senator Yoder S 40 Senator Niegodski S 10 and Senator Tallian S 4.
Please email or call before 10 am on Monday morning. Also, please email or call your Senator regarding this bill.
Senate 800-382-9467
Senate Bill 29
This bill has not been scheduled for a Hearing. Please email Senator Leising S 42 and encourage her to hear this bill
House Bills
Again, I am not listing all the bills that I had listed last week. I am only listing 2 bills.
House bill 1573
I have concerns regarding this bill. Please read carefully-we do not want to lose any local control.  Too many state have no local control. We are fortunate to have local control and should work hard to preserve the system we have now.  This bill could be the first step toward losing a portion of local control. 
Please email your Rep and express your concerns over this bill.
House Bill 1472
We can not forget SJR 14.  We need to work very hard to stop this Resolution. Senator Bray is Chr. of Committee that would hear this Resolution. Please email him and encourage him NOT to hear this Resolution. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  We already have Right To Farm Laws, we do not need this in the Constitution!