SB 122 - Annual Inspection of Confined Feeding Operations


Annual inspection of CFOs. Requires the owner or operator of a confined feeding operation (CFO, which is defined as an animal feeding operation having at least 300 cattle, 600 swine or sheep, 30,000 fowl, or 500 horses) to annually submit to the department of environmental management (department) a report concerning the operation of the CFO and any satellite manure storage structure associated with the CFO. Requires the department, after receiving a report concerning a CFO, to conduct an onsite inspection of the CFO to verify the information contained in the report. Requires the environmental rules board to adopt rules that: (1) adopt a form to be used by owners or operators of CFOs in submitting annual reports; (2) specify the information concerning a CFO that must be contained in an annual report; and (3) provide for the performance by the department of annual inspections of CFOs