Legislative Alerts - April 18, 2021

The Legislative Session is almost over!!!!! Spring is here!! That made my week better, however, we are still dealing with Senate Bill 389.  Please take time to call or email the Governor and ask him to veto this bill. It was a terrible bill and then after some amendment the bill improved.  Then came more amendments and we are going to lose so many of our wetlands if this bill is NOT vetoed.   Please read the latest version of the bill!
Senate Concurred with House Amendments. 
Governor Vetoed the Bill, however the veto was overridden by both the House and the Senate.  Also interesting to check the roll calls on this bill.
It appears this bill died in Committee.  I have not seen the language in any other bill but they are still in session.  I hope they learned how important local control is to the people of this state.
House Bill 1381
I did not see any action on this bill since 4/12. Please check with your Senator on this bill.   We do not need the loss of local control on this bill either.  
House Bill 1190
Bill is in Conference Committee
Senate 800-382-9467  House 800-382-9841 R  House 800-382-9842 D