Legislative Alerts - April 10, 2021

Senate Bill 389
This bill has been amended so please read carefully.  If you have any concerns on the bill, please call/email Your Rep before 11 am on Monday Morning.  The House will convene at 11 am on Monday and this bill is scheduled for Second Reading.  As this is Second Reading, another amendment could be added either good or bad.  Please explain how important it is to protect our state wetlands. Wetlands should be in the interest of both parties.  We all live on this planet.
Senate Bill 271
Bill has been returned to Senate with amendments. 
House Bill 1123
Bill went to Conference Committee.  Bill has been signed by Speaker of the House, Senator Pro Tempore, and President of the Senate.
House Bill 1381
Bill has been amended.  Please read the amendments.  I still can not support this bill.  Bill will be on Second Reading in Senate on Monday.  Senate Convenes at 1:30.  More changes could be made.  We do not want to lose any local control. Please call your Senator with your thoughts.
House Bill 1337
Bill is still in Committee!  I hope it means the bill is dead. However, there is always a chance that some of the language could be added to another bill.  In researching it does appear that there might be some issues but strange actions do happen.
House Bill 1190
This bill on overweight trucks has been amended-reports, reports, reports.  The Legislators want a running account over the next few years of how many accidents, injuries and deaths from the trucks or so that was my thougt when reading. Each one of those stats is a person and family affected. I certainly hope there is no increase in accidents. Bill will be on Third Reading on Monday so still time to call your Senator and ask him/her to vote no.