Legislative Alerts - April 1, 2021

Senate Bill 389
Bill is in Committee and I expect the Committee will meet this coming week. However it is not scheduled at this time. 
Senate Bill 271
Bill passed in Ways and Means Committee  However the the Calendar for the House is not online for Monday. Should be listed for Second Reading this week.
House Bill 1123
House Dissented from Senate Amendments  Bill will go to Conference Committee.  Should be very interesting Committee Meeting.
House Bill 1381
I watched the 3 hour meeting online today.  Very Interesting Meeting.  They did add an amendment at the start of the meeting. Of course those who came to testify had not read the amendment so it was hard for many of them to speak to all the issues.  The amendment was added to help retain local control.  It is not on the website yet so I have not read it.   Several Senators were very concerned about the local control issue.  There were some very good questions asked by speakers.  They were assured if bill passed Committee their questions would be addressed on Second Reading.   We shall see as the bill did pass Committee.  The bill will now go before the Tax and Fiscal Committee. 
House Bill 1337
Bill is still in Committee- I suspect that local control is the issue.  Please contact your Senator to let them know you do not want ANY local control taken away by the State.
House Bill 1190
I also listened to the Committee Hearing on this bill.   Chr. said they had received many comments on this bill. I thought at one point they might kill the bill in Committee but did not. Then a Senator mentioned maybe sending to summer study committee but that did not happen either.  That debate went on and on.  Still in Committee and will be heard on April 6th @ 10:30. You still have time to make comments on this bill.