Legislative News - March 28, 2021

Legislators contact information: 
House 800-382-9841  (R)
House 800-382-9842  (D) 
Senate 800-382-9467 
Senate Bill 389
Senate Bill 389 was heard in Committee last week.  There was several people who testified against the bill and the amendments.  No vote was taken. I do not see that the Environmental Committee is scheduled for a Meeting at this time but please keep checking the website for meeting updates.  Please keep up the emails and phone calls to make your voices heard against this bill. Rep Gutwein H 16 is Chr. of Committee. Please email or call your Rep and let them know your thoughts on this bill.
Senate Bill 271
Senate Bill 271 will be heard in Ways and Means Committee on March 31 @ 2:30  Rep T Brown is Chr.  R 41
House Bill 1123
House Bill 1123 is scheduled for Third Reading and Vote on March 29th.
There are amendments to this bill that you may want to read.
House Bill 1381
This is the bill that removes some local control on wind and solar farms.  I feel all control of wind and solar should be under local control. Let the people decide if they want them in their county.  They are the people who must live and work around them. This bill was referred to the Utilities Committee. At this time, there is no meeting scheduled.  Senator Koch is Chr.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
House Bill 1337
Bill is still in Committee.  Another bill to remove local control  Two bills to remove a portion of local control are two bills too many.
Please read this bill carefully as an amendment was added.
House Bill 1190