Legislation Alerts

Indiana General Assembly 2019 - Legislation Update for Week of March 4th

The General Assembly is now in the second half of the session.  Many good bills did not receive committee hearings.
Senate Bills of interest that DID pass and have been sent to the House for Committee Hearings. Please keep watch on these bills and contact your Rep as they are heard in Committee.
Senate Bill 105  House Sponsor Rep Wesco
Senate Bill 142  House Sponsors Rep Zent and Rep Pressel
Senate Bill 270  House Sponsor Rep Manning
House Bills that we were following either were defeated in Committee or did not have a Hearing.  
It is important to keep reviewing the bills above as they may have an amendment in Hearing or on second reading if pass Committee. 
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SB 535 - Extraterritorial Powers of Cities and Towns - update for week of February 18, 2019

SB 535 has passed the Senate
Repeals the general authority of a city or town (municipality) to exercise the following powers outside of its corporate boundaries: (1) Regulating conduct or property use endangering public health, safety, and welfare.(2) Capturing and destroying animals. (3) Operating recreational parks and exercising eminent domain to acquire property for park purposes. 

SB 105 - Redistricting Standards - Up for Second Reading - update for week of February 18, 2019

A good bill that needs our support.

SB 270 - Recusal of Local Government Officials - on Second Reading - update for week of February 18, 2019

Another Bill that needs our support.  The bill does have two amendments.  


SB 142 - Building Permits - update for week of February 18, 2019.

Senate Bill 142 passed the Senate and has been sent to House and does have Sponsors.