Legislation Alerts

Purdue CAFO Study Presentation to Joint Ag Committees

 Monday at the Joint Meeting of House and Senate Ag Committees the report by Purdue on the CAFO study regarding the issue of local control was presented. The study was prompted by Senate Bill 249 that would have removed local control on CAFO/cfo. This is the second report that Purdue has presented on the issue.  If you would like the full report, please email Indiana CAFO Watch and I will send to you.  I did attend the meeting and found it informative.

Purdue Study of Local CFO Regulations to be Presented to Joint Ag Committee Meeting

On Monday, March 6th the Senate and House Ag Committees will hold a joint meeting 1/2 hour after adjournment of the Senate.  The Senate is scheduled for 1:30 and as of now they do not have a calendar  so I would think the meeting could be anytime from 2 pm.   This is an important meeting. I plan to attend. If you would like to attend, please be there around 2 pm.
The reason for the meeting?? Purdue U will present the findings from the study of local ordinances regarding ag pursuant to SEA 249-2015.  Remember  Senate Bill 249 that proposed to take away all local ordinances in regard to cfo/CAFO.  After so many emails and complaints, the bill was reduced to this study. However, I am sure there will be many spins used after the presentation of findings. Very important meeting.