Legislation Alerts

HB 1378 Regulation of CAFOs - update for week of February 18, 2019

House Bill 1378 was heard in Committee on February 13th and was defeated 9-3.  Rep, Wolkins mentioned that he would not be having any more Committee meetings this half of the Session. So unless a change, other House Bills of interest will not be heard that were assigned to his committee. 
Please visit this link for deadlines.  http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2019/deadlines  

SB 270 - Recusal of Local Government Officials - Update for week of Feb. 11, 2019

SB 270 is on the Senate calendar for second reading, February 12.




SB 105 - Redistricting Standards - Update for week of February 4, 2019

SB 105 was heard in the Senate Elections Committee on February 4th and was voted 5-2 in favor of passage by the Committee.


Establishes redistricting standards for congressional and state legislative districts. Provides that the initial proposed plans for congressional and state legislative districts must comply with the redistricting standards. Allows the general assembly, during the process by which the initial proposed plans become effective by being enacted as a law, to consider and adopt modifications to the initial proposed plans that deviate from the redistricting standards as long as the reason or reasons for each deviation are publicly explained and documented.

HB 1378 - Regulation of Confined Feeding Operations - Update for week of Feb. 11, 2019

HB 1378 is on the agenda for the House Environmental Affairs Committee for February 13 in room 156-A of the Statehouse.  Meeting starts at 1:30 pm.  This bill is one of several on the agenda.



Regulation of confined feeding operations. Amends the law on confined feeding operations (CFOs), which include any confined feeding of at least 300 cattle, 600 swine or sheep, 30,000 fowl, or 500 horses. Provides for the department of environmental management (IDEM) to issue CFO permits instead of "approvals". Provides that a person that owns a CFO, owns the livestock in a CFO, applies for a permit, permit renewal, or permit modification for a CFO, or is otherwise in direct or responsible charge of a CFO is a "responsible party" with respect to the CFO and must disclose certain information. Provides that a person may not start construction or operation of a CFO without obtaining a permit from IDEM and may not modify a CFO without obtaining a permit modification from IDEM. Provides that the application for a permit or permit modification must be accompanied by: (1) plans and specifications prepared or certified by a professional engineer; (2) certain site-specific information; and (3) a site-specific air pollution control plan. Requires IDEM to: (1) provide public access to a permit application through IDEM's virtual file cabinet; (2) publish a notice requesting public comments on the application; (3) allow interested persons to submit written comments; and (4) hold a public hearing on the permit application upon written request. Requires the commissioner of IDEM (commissioner) to deny an application for a permit or permit modification if the proposed activity would substantially endanger public health or the environment. Authorizes IDEM to revoke a CFO permit if necessary to prevent or abate a substantial endangerment to public health or the environment. Requires the environmental rules board (board) to adopt rules establishing: (1) limits on hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, and ammonia emissions; and (2) requirements and prohibitions applying to new CFOs, CFOs proposed for expansion, and other existing CFOs. Provides that the rules must prohibit a new or expanded CFO from being located within one mile of a residence unless the owner of the residence consents to a lesser setback or the commissioner determines that the CFO's air pollution control plan will prevent the CFO from exceeding the limits on hydrogen sulfide, volatile organic compounds, and ammonia emissions established by the rules of the board. Makes technical corrections.

SB 489 - State Board of Animal Health Exclusive Authority - Update for week of February 4, 2019

SB 489 was in the Senate Agriculture Committee on February 4th.


This bill would prohibit an individual or entity from inspecting grounds or facilities that are located in Indiana and used for: (1) the production of eggs; (2) the production of milk or other dairy products; (3) the raising of livestock or poultry; or (4) the production or raising of dogs or other animals that are not used to produce food products; to enforce or carry out the laws or administrative rules of a state other than Indiana.