Legislative Alert - February 21, 2021

This is the week when all bills that have passed one Chamber will go to the other Chamber next week.  There are concerns on a couple of bills and I hope you can make phone calls to your Legislators.   Senate 800-382-9467  House R 800-382-9841 House D 800-382-9841  Please make your calls early in the day as these bills will be on third reading and vote.
House Bill 1190  This bill is on the overweight trucks.  It will be on Third Reading Monday.  As I mentioned in several of my emails, I have concerns regarding safety and bridge and road damage.  I do not think this is in the interest of the citizens of Indiana.
House Bill 1337 This bill will also be on Third Reading.  Please read bill carefully and make your call.  I do have concerns with this bill.
House Bill 1381  This bill has passed the House. Sponsors for Senate are Senator Messer S 48 and Senator Koch S 44.  I am very concerned about this bill.  Anytime local control is involved it is concerning.  Our newspaper had an article on this bill today and our county government is very concerned regarding the bill. Please read carefully and make your voices heard. We need to keep local control over counties on all planning.  
Senate Bill 389  As I noted this bill has passed the Senate and the Sponsors for the House are Rep Gutwein R 16 Rep Lehman R 79 and Rep Thompson R 28  The State Wetlands are very important.  Please use the attachment I sent last week as you see fit that shows other state laws. This bill will be heard in House after this week.
Senate Bill 271 This bill has passed the Senate and Sponsor is Rep Gutwein R 16  I still have some concerns on this bill.