Legislative News - February 7, 2021

Legislative News  Contact Information  Senate 800-382-9467 House R 800-382-9841   House D 800-382-9842   Email to Senators  S#@iga.in.gov    House R#@in.gov         Please note the next two weeks will be very busy as the last day for 3rd reading of House Bills will be Feb 22nd and last day for 3rd reading of Senate Bills will be Feb 23rd.    I encourage everyone to check the website daily for changes and Hearings.  http://iga.in.gov   This is a very important 2 week period and we need to be alert to any changes.
House Bill 1190 that I had concerns will be in Committee for amend and vote on Monday, Feb 8th @ 8:30 am. I do not know what the amendment is so I can only say it is very important that we watch carefully and send emails to those on the committee. I am going to watch the meeting online and I encourage those that have interest in the bill to watch also.  As I stated last week, I am concerned that allowing overweight trucks on our roads may damage, bridges, roads, and I also am concerned that there might be safety issues. I hope the amendment will address my concerns.
Senate Bill 389 did pass in the Senate and does have House Sponsors-after Feb 23rd and the switch of bills we will need to be very alert and be active in stopping the bill.  I made a call to a Senator and Legislative Assistant and found that they certainly need an education on who even regulates wetlands.  By next weekend I will have research on other states that I will share with you.  My intern is working on the research this week.  For now, I am including the link from IDEM for your review-it seems some people think this is all from DNR.  Stay tuned as I should have a good fact sheet for you next week.  https://www.in.gov/idem/wetlands/2359.htm 
Senate Bill 271 will be on Second Reading on Monday.  http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2021/bills/senate/271   This bill will reduce the public comment period of impaired waterways from 90 to 45 days and notice will only appear on IDEM website. Also, as I mentioned last week, I think IDEM should do some review of pollution devices  to protect both industry and citizens.  I understand they are not in the business of tax exemptions but I certainly hope there are those employees of IDEM that are qualified to do a quick review.  I am sure if there are bad actors trying to sell pollution devices and they know there will be review, they might not try in Indiana.
As of now, Senate Bill 411, House Bill 1380, and Joint Resolution 14 have not been scheduled for a Hearing.  This is very good news.
However, we must watch very closely between now and Feb 23rd.