Purdue Study of Local CFO Regulations to be Presented to Joint Ag Committee Meeting

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On Monday, March 6th the Senate and House Ag Committees will hold a joint meeting 1/2 hour after adjournment of the Senate.  The Senate is scheduled for 1:30 and as of now they do not have a calendar  so I would think the meeting could be anytime from 2 pm.   This is an important meeting. I plan to attend. If you would like to attend, please be there around 2 pm.
The reason for the meeting?? Purdue U will present the findings from the study of local ordinances regarding ag pursuant to SEA 249-2015.  Remember  Senate Bill 249 that proposed to take away all local ordinances in regard to cfo/CAFO.  After so many emails and complaints, the bill was reduced to this study. However, I am sure there will be many spins used after the presentation of findings. Very important meeting.